Who is Copenhagen Legal Aid?


Copenhagen Legal Aid is the largest and oldest legal aid organisation in Denmark and was established on 5 December 1885.


Copenhagen Legal Aid was founded in 1885 and is an independent organisation without links to any political or other interests. Copenhagen Legal Aid is the largest organisation of its kind in Denmark and the advice to our clients are provided by our 150-200 trained lawyers and law students on a voluntary basis. As opposed to most other legal aid services in Denmark, we provide both verbal advice and write letters to our clients' counterparties. If required, the Legal Aid's associated external law firms can assist bring relevant cases before the courts.


The Legal Aid is run by the Legal Aid's board, whose members are elected by the Legal Aid's employees. However, the daily management is handled by the Legal Aid's manager as well as individual managers assigned to each weekday.


The Legal Aid's Manager

  • Henrik Bitsch, landsdommer


The Legal Aid's board

  • Eva Smith,  professor dr. jur. (formand)

  • Søren Axelsen, byretspræsident

  • Torben Jensen,  generalsekretær

  • Tobias Steinø, advokat

  • Alexander Heesche Andersen, fuldmægtig, cand. jur.

  • Daniel Cesar, dommerfuldmægtig

  • Sarah Schou Linulf, fuldmægtig, cand. jur.

  • Nicolaus Falk-Scheibel, advokat

  • Anita Tvermoes, jurist, cand. jur.

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